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Hemp Nation® Vanilla Pineapple

Moisturizing Tan Extender with Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Vanilla Pineapple Tropical Fruit Blend

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Take your skin on a tropical fruit getaway to a lavishly hydrated paradise. Decadent Vanilla Pineapple Tropical Fruit Blend deeply nourishes and revitalizes for a silky, luxurious perfect tanning canvas. Reformulated Hydrating Complex replenishes dry skin, while advanced Age Defying Blend works to guard against the signs of aging and provides a natural radiance. Use daily to secure your passport to the world of Hemp Nation®!

Product Type

  • Hemp Seed Oil Tan Extender
  • THC-Drug and Paraben Free
  • Fragrance: Vanilla Pineapple: with top notes of Citrus, Honeydew Melons & Granny Smith Apple Accords; mid notes of Juicy Pineapple, Shaved Coconut & Peach Nectar; dry notes of Rich Vanilla, Sugary Malt & Sandalwood
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