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Uninhibited Dark Bronzing Blend with Brilliant Desert Complex


Dark color is finally on the loose! Uninhibited Dark Bronzing Blend flawlessly combines DHA with skin nourishing Tropical Oils for undeniable bronze perfection and radiant, glowing complexion. Calm frantic skin with Brilliant Desert Complex that unleashes the power of the Australian desert for a soft and smooth tanning canvas. Give tattoos a decadent gulp of hydration with ColorGuard™ Plus Tattoo Technology to provide vibrancy to all your beautiful works of art! Top it all off with Purrfection Finish Primer to leave skin free of imperfections for an overall alluring appearance. Let your color be free and Run Wild™!

Product Type

  • Uninhibited Dark Bronzing Blend
  • Brilliant Desert Complex
  • Fragrance: Fruit Frenzy: top notes of Mango, Green Melon, Grapefruit, Pineapple & Lime; mid notes of Lychee, Rose Bud, Jasmin, Violet Leaf & Muguet; dry notes of Musk, Malt Sugar & Vanilla
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