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Pink Party
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Pink Party

P25 Social Scene Bronzer


Balloons. Cake. Confetti! You're the bright and bubbly life of the party who loves to shout "Cheers!". So, round up your squad and RSVP to the hottest bronzing bash in town! Find your tanning sweet spot with a delectable blend of Bronzers, then put the cherry on top of your color with Coconut Sugar that smooths and softens. Sing, dance, and sparkle with this Social Scene Bronzer that's full of memories in the making. Life is a Pink Party™, so tan like it!


  • Build on success of Shades of Pink Collection with addition of a new bronzer
  • Refresh $30 - $40 MSRP with addition of a new bronzer
  • Focus on popularity of glamourous, upscale party girl lifestyle in packaging design and product story

Product Type

  • P25 Social Scene Bronzers
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Toning and Rejuvenating Blend
  • Flawless Finish Moisture
  • Fragrance: Champagne Wishes- Ocean Waves, Apple, Violet, Sandalwood
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