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Love Boho®
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Love Boho®

Limited Edition Bohéme Dream Bronzer


You don't have to wish upon a star, because your golden dreams aren't far with this Limited Edition Bronzer! Look up, and get lost in a world of dark, bohemian color with Boho Glow™ bronzers that help you achieve a gleaming tan, while a Playful Papaya Blend will have you dancin’ in the moonlight in no time. Paint the night sky and let your spirit fly with gilded color that makes your soul shine. No- that gorgeous glow isn't from the moon, it's from you!


  • Focus on the popularity of the Bohemian lifestyle and fashion trends that carry into the Love Boho® packaging designs and product stories
  • Build excitement and increase demand with a limited edition product

Product Type

  • Boho Glow™
  • Bohéme Dream Blend
  • Mineral Magnificence
  • Playful Papaya Blend
  • Fragrance: Midnight Escape- Tangerine, Strawberry, Coconut, Amber
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