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JWOWW - Relentless
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JWOWW - Relentless


Break free from your routine and score the tan complexion and toned body you’ve been dreaming of! This Limitless Bronzer will take you past the point of ordinary and leave you looking your best. A potent dose of Ink-Drink™ Complex will protect tattoos from fading, while the Hemp Seed Oil leaves skin feeling hydrated. Make your goals a reality and never stop pursuing perfection!


  • Create a new entry price point for the JWOWW line
  • Fill demand for unisex packaging with Ink-Drink™ Complex
  • “I’m constantly working on myself from eating right to getting in the gym. Relentless™ helps give me the extra boost to keep me at the top of my game! Xoxo” JWOWW - Jenni Farley

Product Type

  • DHA Bronzer
  • Ink-Drink™ Complex
  • Fragrance: Tropical Waves Top Notes: Tangerine, Guava & Pink Grapefruit Mid Notes: Orange Blossom & Wild Honeysuckle Bottom Notes: Blonde Woods & Musk
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