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Sunless Prep

DS Faux Natural Sunless

Sunless CC Primer

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For trendsetters who demand show stopping perfection. High fashion has met its bronzing match in the DS Faux Natural™ Sunless Collection. Layer our CC Primer under your favorite Designer Skin Sunless or UV tanning lotion to help maximize your dark color potential. You’ll be basking in golden pandemonium, while everyone else tries to unravel your bronzing secret. Go ahead, let them stare. Sometimes it’s okay to fake it.


  • Offers a new look and innovative formula to the DS Faux Natural™ Sunless Collection

Product Type

  • Color Correcting Primer
  • Color Balancing Sunless Maximizer with Pure Solar Peptides™
  • Energizing Caffeine and Coffee Seed
  • Fragrance: Passion Fruit Mango
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