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Bronzers & Lotions

Reality Check™

Natural Bronzer with Ink-Drink™ Complex

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Leave out all the fake stuff, and get a real glow! It’s hard to believe color this good can come from a natural bronzer, but you better believe it. The infamous Ink-Drink™ Complex will keep your tatts looking like high-def, while a dose of Caffeine makes sure you are TV ready. Forget the drama and live in color!

Product Type: Natural Bronzer

  • Ink-Drink™ Complex
  • Fragrance: Sugared Coconut
  • Top Notes: Citrus Blend, Raspberry & Freesia
  • Mid Notes: Plum & Coconut
  • Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Sugar & Musk

Fit Goals™

Private Reserve Amped Edition Extreme Dark Bronzer

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Finding balance in being active and achieving those Fit Goals™ is finally attainable! This Extreme DHA Bronzer provides intense immediate results and even darker developed color that is free of any maintenance! The Fitness Complex ensures your skin is prepped and ready for each session while the Protein Power softens and smooths for an alluring appearance. Perfect your tanning technique and see results instantly!

Product Type

  • DHA Bronzer
  • Fragrance: Bodacious Berry
    • Top Notes: Guava, Lemon, Pineapple, Strawberry & Rose Melon
    • Mid Notes: Apple, Clove & Raspberry
    • Bottom Notes: Vanilla & Coconut Cream


Dark Intensifier with Ink-Drink™ Complex

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This Daringly Dark Intensifier will have you feeling bold and confident with a gorgeous, golden glow! A potent dose of Ink-Drink™ Complex will help to protect tattoos from fading, while Hemp Seed Oil leaves skin feeling hydrated. A decadent gulp of Caffeine helps tone for a smooth tanning canvas. Now you have no reason to be afraid of bronze perfection!

Product Type

  • Dark Intensifier
  • Ink-Drink™ Complex
  • Fragrance: Waterberry Blush
    • Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Honeycrisp Apple & Orange
    • Mid Notes: Watermelon, Logan Berry, Jasmine & Water Lotus
    • Bottom Notes: Musk, Vanilla & Sandalwood
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