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Bronzers & Lotions

DS Faux Natural™ Sunless

Double Dip Intensifier with Dark Duration Complex™

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For trendsetters who demand show stopping perfection. High fashion has met its bronzing match in the DS Faux Natural™ Sunless Collection. With this powerful Double Dip Intensifier you can go directly from UV to Sunless, all while enhancing your color. You’ll be basking in golden pandemonium, while everyone else tries to unravel your bronzing secret. Go ahead, let them stare. Sometimes it’s okay to fake it.


  • Provides a Double Dip UV & Sunless Intensifier option, perfect for both UV and sunless tanners!
  • Offers a luxury, specialty item in the Faux Natural™ Sunless Collection

Product Type

  • Double Dip Intensifier with Dark Duration Complex™
  • Optimum pH Serum & Energizing Caffeine and Coffee Seed
  • Fragrance: Passion Fruit Mango

Pure Heat

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It’s time to turn the heat up for intense hot color! Invigorate your tan with this Hot Citrus Tingle that will leave you breathless, while Tyrosine provides a beautiful, golden glow. A lavish Conditioning Complex soothes the tingling sensation to leave a flawless, flushed bronzed hue, while Hemp Seed Oil moisturizes for a tantalizing glow. Pure Heat™ will get you that intoxicatingly hot, flawless color!


  • Satisfies demand for a non-bronzing tingle option
  • Continues to expand AG value-priced products
  • Offers tingle replacement for Heated

Product Type

  • Hot Citrus Tingle
  • Golden Glow
  • Fragrance: CocoaDreams: top notes of Orange, Citrus & Banana; mid notes of Medley of Floral Rose & Fruity Coconut; dry notes of Sweet Vanilla


Dark Intensifier with Ink-Drink™ Complex

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This Daringly Dark Intensifier will have you feeling bold and confident with a gorgeous, golden glow! A potent dose of Ink-Drink™ Complex will help to protect tattoos from fading, while Hemp Seed Oil leaves skin feeling hydrated. A decadent gulp of Caffeine helps tone for a smooth tanning canvas. Now you have no reason to be afraid of bronze perfection!


  • Completes collection with a non-bronzer option
  • Fill demand for unisex packaging with Ink-Drink™ Complex
  • "It's my job to be real, and now I’m giving my fans the realest color! Xoxo" JWOWW - Jenni Farley

Product Type

  • Dark Intensifier
  • Ink-Drink™ Complex
  • Fragrance: Waterberry Blush
    • Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Honeycrisp Apple & Orange
    • Mid Notes: Watermelon, Logan Berry, Jasmine & Water Lotus
    • Bottom Notes: Musk, Vanilla & Sandalwood
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