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Blissful Tanning Tonic™
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Blissful Tanning Tonic™

Pink Lotus + Orange


Stop. Smell. Breathe. Life is beautiful, and so is your glow with this Blissful Tanning Tonic! Enhance your mood and nourish your spirit with a blend of Pink Lotus + Orange that bring about feelings of tranquility and balance. Follow your happiness and fall further into bronze bliss with a combination of DHA and Caramel that provide dark, natural looking color. Euphoria awaits with this heavenly bronzer that’s here to present you color on cloud 9! How delightful!


  • Focus on popularity of spa based packaging designs and ingredients in skincare products
  • Focus on popularity of wholesome, natural ingredients for health-conscious clients

Product Type

  • 100% Naturally Derived Caramel + Pure DHA
  • Blissful Tanning Tonic™
  • TanStart™ Vitamin Blend
  • Hemp, Gluten, and Paraben Free
  • 95% Naturally Derived
  • Fragrance: Sparkling Sun- Pink Lotus, Orange, Red Currant, Lemon Balm
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