Designer Skin - Black Dahlia Flourish

Designer Skin - Black Dahlia Flourish


Engulf your senses with this opulent tanning potion, laced with the elements of luxury only Designer Skin can provide. Set to stun, this captivating symphony of 45X bronzers will leave you dripping in dark allure. Miracle Tamanu Oil and Skinny Sugar™ work to provide allusions of perfection, while Night|Shift Aromatherapy Infusion whisks you away to a state of pure decadence. Embellished with mystery and desire, prepare to embody your bronzing fantasies.


  • Back and bolder than ever! This enhanced version of original Black Dahlia™ will tantalize new and existing fans
  • Offers a new, high-end bronzer to the popular X Collection

Product Type

  • Dark Reflections 45X Color Matrix
  • Miracle Tamanu Oil with Skinny Sugar™
  • Night|Shift Aromatherapy Infusion
  • Fragrance: Queen of the Night


  • Dark Reflections 45X Color Matrix combines Designer Skin’s worldrenowned instant and delayed bronzing technologies to create this State of the Art bronzer
  • Miracle Tamanu Oil, known for centuries as the “Oil of the gods and goddesses”, helps to firm, smooth and hydrate the skin
  • Skinny Sugar™ contains an ingredient famously known to help breakdown fats and attract moisture; aiding in the appearance of tone, radiant skin
  • Night|Shift Aromatherapy Infusion entices you to breathe deeply, as this coveted aphrodisiac of Blue Lotus and Queen of the Night flowers help provide a sexy boost of confidence
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